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Corona er under kontrol. Cuba lukker op igen. Vi har netop modtaget programmet for en fantastisk solidaritets-brigade som gennemføres i juli måned…. og DU er inviteret. Læs her:

Vi kan hermed offentliggøre programmet for årets Jose Marti Brigade, som finder sted fra 10.-27.Juli 2022
Prisen er ikke fastsat, men bliver omkring 5.500 kr plus flybillet plus visum (som man selv skal hente på ambassaden eller hos lokalt rejsebureau).
Interesserede kan henvende sig i foreningen, enten på mail: post@cubavenner.dk
Eller man velkommen til at komme i foreningen i åbningstiden hver onsdag 17-19 og høre nærmere om hvad en brigade indebærer. Adressen er Høffdingsvej 10, Valby.
Hilsen Brigadegruppen
PS: programmet er ikke oversat… blandt andet fordi man skal kunne klare sig på engelsk (eller endnu bedre spansk) på et brigadeophold.


Saturday 9 and Sunday 10, arrival of the delegations at CIJAM
Sunday July 10, 2022
17:00 hrs Departure from ICAP Headquarters to CIJAM.
Reception of the brigade members in the CIJAM. Dinner.
Monday, July 11, 2022
07:30 hrs Stand up and breakfast
09:30 hrs Floral wreath at “Julio A. Mella” monument.
10:00 hrs Official welcome activity.
11:00 hrs General information meeting on the functioning of CIJAM, presentation of the Cuban delegation and CIJAM workers.
12:00 hrs Lunch.
14:00 hrs Lecture: “José Martí’s solidarity and anti-imperialist ideology in Fidel’s thought and action”.
Planting of a tree of friendship in the “Bosque Martiano” at CIJAM.
16:30 hrs First meeting of the Coordinating Committee for country heads.
18.30 hrs Dinner
20:00 hrs Welcome cultural activity.
Tuesday, July 12, 2022
05:30 hrs Stand up and breakfast
06:45 hrs Morning news session
07:00 hrs Departure to productive work
11:00 hrs Return to camp
12:00 hrs Lunch
14:00 hrs Lecture: “Cuba: a vision from its political, economic and social reality. Relations with the United States and the European Union.”
16:30 hrs Sport activities
18:30 hrs Dinner
20:00 hrs Presentation of the Cuban film: ¨El Mayor¨ Dr. Rigoberto López
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
05:30 hrs Stand up and breakfast
06:45 hrs Morning news session
07:00 hrs Departure to productive work
11:00 hrs Return to camp
12:00 hrs Lunch
14:00 hrs Lecture: The scientific development of the Cuban Revolution at the service of the people.
18:00 hrs Dinner
20:00 hrs Dance classes
Thursday, July 14, 2022
05:30 hrs Stand up and breakfast
06:45 hrs Morning news session
07:00 hrs Departure to productive work
11:00 hrs Return to camp
12:00 hrs Lunch
14:30 hrs Visit to Sierra del Rosario Ecological Station. Ecovida – Center for Environmental Research and Services.
18:00 hrs Dinner
20:00 hrs Dance classes
Friday, July 15, 2022
7.00 hrs Stand up and breakfast.
9.00 hrs Departure to Havana
10.30 hrs Visit to the José Martí Memorial Monument at the Revolution Square, floral wreath and central activity in commemoration of the 50th edition of the José Martí Brigade.
12:30 hrs Lunch at the Friendship House.
15:00 hrs Visit to the Fidel Castro Center
18:30 hrs Return to CIJAM
19:00 hrs Dinner
20.00 hrs Meeting to explain the program in Matanzas.
Second meeting of the Coordinating Committee for Country Heads.
Saturday July 16, 2022
07:00 hrs Stand up and breakfast
08:00 hrs Departure to Matanzas.
10:30 hrs. Arrival to the city of Matanzas.
Floral wreath to José Martí in the Park of Liberty.
Reception by the authorities of the province.
12: 00 hrs Lunch in a restaurant of the city.
14: 00 hrs Visit to the San Severino Castle Museum. Slave Route.
15.30 hrs Departure to Playa Girón.
18:00 hrs Accommodation at the Playa Girón Hotel
19.00 hrs Dinner.
21:00 hrs Welcome activity at the hotel.
Sunday July 17, 2022
08:00 hrs Breakfast
10.00 hrs Visit to the Playa Girón Museum.
12:00 hrs Lunch at the hotel.
14:00 hrs Visit to Playa Caleta and Punta Perdiz to enjoy the beach and the beauty of nature.
19:30 hrs Dinner at the hotel.
Monday, July 18, 2022
07:00 hrs Breakfast
09:00 hrs Visit to places of economic interest
• Enterprise René Ramos Latour (dedicated to fishing activities)
• Forest Company
12:00 hrs Lunch at the hotel
15:00 hrs Visit to the headquarters of the Korimakao Community Artistic Project
Exchange with young artists and cultural gala
19:00 hrs Dinner at the hotel
Tuesday, July 19, 2022
07:00 hrs Breakfast
08:00 hrs Voluntary work in San Blas, in support of food production.
12:00 hrs Lunch at the hotel
14.00 hrs Visit to Boca de Guama, Laguna del Tesoro and the Crocodile Farm
17:00 hrs Visit to Soplillar and the Carboneros Museum, meeting with combatants of the Revolution.
19:00 hrs Dinner at the hotel
21:00 hrs Farewell activity at the hotel
Wednesday, July 20, 2022
07:00 hrs Breakfast
07:30 hrs Check out
08:00 hrs Departure to Santa Clara
10:30 hrs Arrival and welcome at the Commander Ernesto Guevara Memorial Museum
• Visit to the Che Memorial, the Armored Train Monument and “Loma del Capiro”
14:00 hrs Lunch at the Villa Clara Friendship House
15:30 hrs Departure to the CIJAM
19:00 hrs Arrival to CIJAM and dinner
Thursday, July 21, 2022
08:00 hrs Breakfast
10:00 hrs Meeting with representatives of political and mass organizations (Young Communist League, Federation of Cuban Women, Small Cuban Farmers National Association and Trade Unions Confederation)
12.00 hrs Lunch
14.00 hrs Workshop: “60 years of ICAP, global solidarity with Cuba and against the blockade, for peace and international solidarity.”
15.00 hrs Sport activities
18.30 hrs Dinner
20:30 hrs Cuban film “Inocencia”
Friday July 22, 2022
07:00 hrs Breakfast.
9.30 hrs Visit to the Lawyers Association of Cuba. Explanation about the legislative process in the country, including the Family Code.
12:00 hrs Lunch at a local restaurant
14.00 hrs Visit to a community project.
16:00 hrs Visit to a neighborhood in transformation. Meeting with leaders of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and the local population.
18:30 hrs Departure to CIJAM
19:30 hrs Dinner
Saturday July 23, 2022
07:00 hrs Breakfast
08:30 hrs Friendship Race. Exchange with Outstanding Cuban athletes
12:00 hrs Lunch.
Afternoon: Preparation of the European night
19:00 hrs Dinner. European night
Sunday July 24, 2022
07:00 hrs Breakfast
8.30 hrs Transfer to Havana.
9.30 hrs Visit to the Denouncing Museum (devoted to show terrorist actions planned against Cuba.
Then, free day in Old Havana.
17.00 hrs Return to CIJAM.
18.30 hrs Dinner.
Monday, July 25, 2022
05:30 hrs Stand up.
06:45 hrs Breakfast.
07:30 hrs Departure to productive work. Final production activity.
12:00 a.m. Lunch
14:00 hrs Cultural activity: “60 reasons and more to defend”. Exchange with local artists
16.00 hrs Third meeting of the Coordinating Committee for country heads.
18:30 hrs Dinner.
20.00 hrs Screening of a documentary about the blockade against Cuba. Debate.
Tuesday, July 26, 2022
05:30 hrs Stand up
06:00 hrs Breakfast
07:00 hrs Participation in the provincial activity for July 26, National Rebellion Day in the Memorial to the Martyrs of Artemisa, exchange with authorities of the province and visit to the Memorial. At the end, free time in Artemisa
13:30 hrs Lunch at CIJAM
Free afternoon.
Sport activities.
18:30 hrs Dinner
20:00 hrs Collective birthday and Bonfire of Friendship
Wednesday, July 27, 2022
08:00 hrs Breakfast.
10.00 hrs Closing activity of the brigade.
12.00 hrs Lunch.
13.00 hrs Transfer to the airport of the brigade members who leave Cuba that day and to Havana for those who will remain in the country.