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Folkenes topmøde i Bruxelles

Mens stats- og regeringsledere fra Latinamerika og Caribien (CELAC) mødes med ledere og topfolk fra EU og EU’s medlemsstater mødes også græsrødder til Folkenes Topmøde i Bruxelles. Solidaritet med Cuba er højt på et mangfoldigt program over to dage.

“Leve vore folks enhed!”

Følg med i Folkenes Topmøde online. Her får du en mængde links. Hjemmesiden (nr. 4 ) er også på engelsk.

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Et flertal i EU-parlamentet har op til EU-CELAC topmødet og Folkenes Topmøde vedtaget en Cuba-fjendtlig resolution, der uberettiget kritiserer Cuba for medskyld i Ruslands krig mod Ukraine og gentager anklager om brud på menneskerettigheder i Cuba….. med det formål at skade forholdet mellem EU og Cuba.

Dansk-Cubansk Forening har henvendt sig til EU-parlamentet og de danske medlemmer af EU-parlamentet med en resolution, som du kan læse herunder.


Resolution of the Danish-Cuban Association: A petition to the European
Parliament and the Commission of the European Union

The Danish-Cuban Association supports the development of a positive relation
between Cuba and the European Union. Cuba is a sovereign, independent state
with peaceful inclinations towards other states and with a legitimate wish to
develop itself socially, economically, and politically, cf. the UN Charter of 1945,
article 1, paragraph 2.
In 2019 Cuba adopted a new constitution after a period of intense debate
among the population, the result of which was 800.000 amendments.
Subsequently, 83% of the population voted at the referendum, and 86% of the
voters voted in favor of the Constitution. A profoundly democratic process,
some European countries might envy Cuba.
During the corona-pandemic the whole world was amazed by Cuba’s readiness
to send medical brigades to help other countries, one of which was EU-member
Italy. Cuba is a friendly country which aims at showing solidarity with people in
need wherever and whenever needed.
Recently, in May and June this year we witnessed Cuba playing a prominent
role as a mediator together with Norway and others during the successful
peace negotiations between Colombia’s government and the armed group, the
ELN. A peace process also supported by the E.U.
Therefore, we request the EU to

  1. Maintain and intensify the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement
    between Cuba and the EU.
  2. Denounce the persecution of Cuban artists in Europe, the politization of
    cultural activities in Cuba affecting the enjoyment of European citizens
    and cultural exchange, a universal right of citizens.
  3. Object to the uncalled-for hostility shown by the USA when placing Cuba
    on their list of countries that support terrorism.
  4. Support an initiative by the EU in requesting USA to lift the unilateral
    financial and economic blockade against Cuba, affecting trade relations
    and the market, cf. the UN Charter of 1945, article 2, paragraph 4.

Adopted on June 30th, 2023
The Danish-Cuban Association