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AFLYST: En hed sommer i Cuba – tag med på solidaritetsbrigade i Cuba til juli

Den 13. juli starter sommerens store solidaritetsbrigae i Cuba. Deltagere fra mange lande i Europa. Du er velkommen. Læs programmet herunder:

Pris 5000 kr. for hele opholdet. Dertil skal man selv købe sin flybillet. (Dansk-Cubansk Forening hjælper gerne med at købe billet).

Hvis du er interesseret, så kontakt Dansk-Cubansk Forening: Send mail til post@cubavenner.dk


From July 10 to 12 Arrival of delegations.

Sunday July 12. 5:00 pm Departure of a bus from ICAP Headquarters to CIJAM. Brigade reception in the CIJAM.

Monday July 13 07:30 hrs Standing and breakfast 09:30 hrs Floral offering before the monument to “Julio A. Mella”. 10:00 hrs Planting a tree in the “Martian Forest” of CIJAM. 10:30 am Official welcome activity. 11:00 hrs General information meeting on the operation of CIJAM. 12:00 hrs Lunch. 14:00 hrs Conference: “THE SOLIDARY IDEARY, ANTIMPERIALIST OF Martí in the Thought and ACTION of Fidel. ” 6:00 p.m. Dinner 18:30 hrs First Coordinating Committee for Heads of countries. 20:30 hrs Welcome cultural activity.

Tuesday July 14 06:00 hrs Standing 06:45 hrs Morning 07:00 hrs Departure to productive work. 11:00 hrs Return to Camp 12:00 hrs Lunch 14:00 hrs. Conference: “Update of the Cuban economic model”. 20:00 hrs. Free Night. (Recorded music) AMISTUR optional

Wednesday, July 15. 06:00 hrs Standing 06:45 hrs Morning 07:00 hrs Departure to productive work 11:00 hrs Return to Camp 12:00 hrs Lunch 14:00 hrs. Conference: Cuban political and electoral system. Democracy in Cuba (Popular participation and Human Rights in Cuba). 18:30 hrs. Dinner 20:00 hrs Dance classes AMISTUR optional

Thursday, July 16. 06:00 hrs Standing 06:45 hrs Morning 07:00 hrs Departure to work 11:00 hrs Return to Camp 12:00 hrs Lunch 14:00 hrs Conference: Update of relations between Cuba and the United States. Perspectives and challenges. 18:00 pm Dinner at CIJAM. 21:00 pm Projection of the Cuban film. AMISTUR optional

Friday, July 17 05:45 hrs Standing and Breakfast. 07:00 AM Morning. 07:30 hrs Departure to productive work. 11:00 hrs Return to the Camp. 12:00 hrs Lunch. 14:00 hrs Departure to Havana. Group visit to the Denunciation Memorial and Center “Fidel Castro”. 17:00 hrs. Free time in the city from the Museum of the Revolution. 19:45 hrs Transfer from the Museum of the Revolution to the House of Friendship. 20:00 hrs Dinner at the House of Friendship and Cultural activity “Cuban Night”. 23:00 hrs Return to CIJAM from the House of Friendship.

Saturday, July 18 07:00 hrs Standing and breakfast 08:00 hrs Registration for the Friendship Race from Guayabal to CIJAM 08:30 hrs Departure of the participants in buses to Guayabal. 09:00 hrs Beginning of the Friendship Race. Award in the CIJAM by the glories of Cuban sport. 11:00 hrs Meeting with Glories of Cuban sport. 12:30 hrs Lunch 14:00 hrs Sports activities. OPTIONAL AMISTUR 18:00 hrs. Dinner 20:00 hrs. Cultural activity

Sunday, July 19 07:00 hrs Standing 07:30 hrs Breakfast 09:30 hrs Group visits to the Museum of the Martyrs of Artemis. 10:30 hrs Exchange with authorities of the province on the application of the new Government experience 11:30 hrs Visit to an Agricultural Cooperative. 12:30 hrs Free time on the boulevard of Artemis. 13:00 hrs. Lunch at CIJAM. Free time 18:00 hrs Dinner at CIJAM. 21:00 hrs Projection of the Cuban film.

Monday, July 20 06:30 hrs. Standing. 06:45 hrs. Breakfast. 07:30 hrs. Departure to productive work. 12:00 hrs lunch 14:00 hrs Panel: 60 years of ICAP, for Solidarity, internationalism and in defense of just causes and for peace ”. 18:00 hrs. Dinner 19:00 hrs Second Coordinating Committee for Head of Countries. 20:30 hrs Screening of Cuban film.

Tuesday, July 21 06:00 hrs Standing 06:45 hrs Morning 07:00 hrs Departure to productive work. 11:00 hrs Return to Camp 12:00 hrs Lunch 14:00 hrs Conference on “The environmental policy of the Cuban Revolution”. 18:00 hrs. Dinner 20:00 hrs Dance Classes

Wednesday, July 22 06:00 hrs Standing 06:45 hrs Departure to productive work. 11:30 hrs Return to Camp 12:00 hrs Lunch 14:00 hrs Workshop: “Need for global solidarity with Cuba and against the blockade. “(Panel composed of members of Cuban civil society). 18:00 hrs. Dinner 20:00 hrs Collective birthday and Bonfire of Friendship.

Thursday, July 23 06:30 hrs Standing 06:45 hrs Breakfast 07:30 hrs Departure to productive work 10:45 hrs Final production activity. Results Evaluation Meeting Brigade production. 12:00 hrs Lunch. 14:00 hrs Preparation of the European Night. 18:00 hrs. Dinner 19:00 hrs. European Cultural Night

Friday, July 24 07:00 hrs. Breakfast 09:30 hrs. Meeting with representatives of youth organizations (UJC-FEU-FEEM and with representatives of the FMC, ACRC and the CTC of the Territory). Afternoon Free to organize the trip to the provinces. 18:00 hrs. Dinner 20:00 hrs – Meeting to explain the program and stay in the Villa Clara and Cienfuegos provinces

Saturday, July 25 07:00 hrs Standing and breakfast 08:00 hrs Departure to PROVINCE of Villa Clara. 11:00 hrs Arrival and Welcome by the ICAP Delegation. -Lunch in Villa Clara 14.30hrs Visit to the Memorial of Che / Armored Train and Loma del Capiro – Hotel accommodation (Check in) 8:00 p.m. Party for July 26 with the CDR

Sunday, July 26. Morning -Participation in the provincial act by July 26 Afternoon: Visit to community mountain projects in the Community of Jibacoa- Escambray Free night

Monday July 27, 7-8 hrs. Breakfast Check out 09:30 hrs. Departure to Cienfuegos. 11:30 hrs. Arrival in Cienfuegos- Welcome act by the authorities in the “José Martí” park. Free time to know architectural places of interest. 13:30 hrs. Lunch at a local restaurant. City Tour 16:00 hrs. Check in Dinner and Welcome Night

Tuesday, July 28 09:00 hrs. Visit to a Production Center 11:30 – Visit to a Health Center. Lunch at the Hotel Free Time (Beach or Pool) Farewell night at the Hotel

Wednesday, July 29 07:30 hrs Breakfast. 12.00 hrs Room delivery 12:30 hrs Lunch at the Hotel 14:00 hrs Departure to CIJAM. 17:00 hrs. Arrival at CIJAM. 20:00 hrs Dinner and Free Night.

Thursday, July 30 07:00 hrs Standing and Breakfast 09:00 hrs Exchange workshop between delegations. Situation in their countries. Considerations about the Brigade. Final statement. 12:30 hrs Lunch 14:30 hrs. Free time for recreational activities 18:00 hrs Final meeting of the Coordinating Committee. 

Friday, July 31 07:00 hrs Breakfast 08:00 hrs Departure to Tarará Beach. Enjoy the beach. 13:00 hrs Lunch of CIJAM on the beach. 16:00 hrs Return to CIJAM 18:00 hrs Dinner 20:30 hrs Cultural farewell activity.

Saturday, August 1. 07:00 hrs Standing and breakfast 09:00 hrs Departure to Havana City 10:30 hrs Visit the José Martí Memorial in the Revolution Square. Floral offering of the Brigade. (ICAP). Official Closing Activity at the “José Martí” Memorial. 13:30 hrs Lunch at local restaurant. Free in Havana for the brigade members who will stay in Cuba, so they must leave with their luggage. 18:00 hrs. Departure to CIJAM for the rest of the friends who travel that night and Sunday 2 19:00 hrs Dinner 20:00 hrs (Recorded music) AMISTUR optional